Shift Perspective

Back in October, I wrote about the fun we had re-discovering the wonder in everyday items.  For today's post, I'm using another image from the City Museum of St. Louis.   This particular photo does a great job of illustrating an idea that I often talk about with my clients.  It is important to look at our situations from different angles.  When we … [Read more...]

Step Away from the Box

Hi all. It's been a while, and I've missed writing for you. There is a lot of great stuff out there right now about how to avoid the resolution trap, and how to gain some momentum as you move into this new year. I'm not going to duplicate that. Instead, I am going to kick off the year by sharing a story with you about my holiday season. Here we … [Read more...]

Voting and Mental Health

What on earth does voting have to do with mental health? That's a fair question. Bear with me. This is new territory for me (kind of).  In the four years that I have been writing this blog, I have never addressed politics here. There are good reasons for that.  The first is that therapy is a safe and neutral space. People are welcome in therapy … [Read more...]

Re-Discover Wonder


This is a not-so fabulous picture of a fraction of the exterior structure to climb and explore at the City Museum (and yes, that is an actual airplane--go ahead, check out their website, they have way better pictures than I do) in St. Louis, MO.   I visited City Museum for the first time a few weeks ago, and I have struggled to describe it ever … [Read more...]

Healthy Doesn’t Equal Superhuman

This post was originally shared at the website for the #MedPsych tweetchat. I started to touch on this point last week in my post about honoring vulnerability. And we've had some great discussions about the issue of vulnerability and health over the past few weeks in #MedPsych chat (check out the transcripts here). And there have been comments … [Read more...]

Why is Restarting so Darn Hard?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you might have noticed something during the summer. The blog stopped being regular. I dropped from one or two posts a week to less than one a month over the summer. And it took me most of September to get re-engaged.  I've had breaks from posting before, and I've written about restarting, rebooting, … [Read more...]

Honoring Vulnerability–Things I Wish I Said at #MedX

  This year, I had the chance to participate in two fantastic panels at Stanford's Medicine X conference.  You can see the video of the panel on chronic illness and depression here: The video for the second panel will be available later this fall.  The great thing about panels is that you get an authentic discussion, a give and take that … [Read more...]

Medicine X and the Sneaky Impact of Stigma

This post was originally shared on the #MedPsych blog, but is cross-posted here for my practice readers.  Ten days ago, I had the privilege of joining the participants at Standford's 2014 Medicine X conference. I've written about this conference on my practice blog before, and it is a gathering with lofty aims. The conference was … [Read more...]

Being Brave

One of the things I love about psychology is the chance to routinely sit with really brave people.  These aren't necessarily the folks who do dangerous jobs or who would be recognized as "brave" outside of therapy.  In fact, many of my clients believe that they are ordinary, or broken in some critical way.  But the truth is, we are all broken. Most … [Read more...]

Privilege and Stigma in Health: Revisited


Last year, I wrote a series of posts about the idea of healthy privilege and health stigma. My definitions of these concepts were based on the work of others before me, such as Peggy McIntosh and Kendall Clark. You are welcome to go back to the original posts and read them, but I'll share the definitions again for you. health stigma The … [Read more...]