Shift Perspective

IMG_3217Back in October, I wrote about the fun we had re-discovering the wonder in everyday items.  For today’s post, I’m using another image from the City Museum of St. Louis.   This particular photo does a great job of illustrating an idea that I often talk about with my clients.  It is important to look at our situations from different angles.  When we are facing stress, hurt, loss, or other challenges, it is really easy to get stuck in our assessment of a situation.  We begin with an assumption about what is happening, and that assumption tends to get stronger over time.

Our assumptions matter.  They matter because they shape the possibilities we see. Our perspective affects our sense of who we are in the world. Our view of the world determines how we define problems, and what solutions we see.

For example, the picture above looks like a collection of rusty junk.  Admittedly, it’s rusty junk that has been laid out in a tidy way, but it’s rusty junk, nonetheless. And as we consider rusty junk, the appropriate response is usually to pitch it in the trash.

But, at the City Museum, the rusty junk is actually part of this:

IMG_3216 It’s a fantastical tree structure, including a musical dragon.   The artists at the City Museum have been able to look at rusty junk, the things that the rest of us would ignore or pitch, and envision something amazing. It’s a clear reminder that things can be more than they seem.

I love this.

I am so excited when I find reminders that we aren’t stuck with the way things initially appear.  We aren’t trapped with the original presentation.  Even in the face of illness, or pain, or loss–we retain the ability to change our perspective.

When we change our perspective, we change our possibilities.  We create the chance to change our experience. To see the world in new ways, to have new experiences.  And that’s where we gain some power in life.  Because pain, illness and loss happen to all of us.  They are unavoidable.  But being paralyzed by the pain, illness and loss is not unavoidable.

So, what rusty junk in your life can you transform into musical dragon trees?  What shifts in perspective might open up new possibilities for you?  Please feel free to share in the comments.

And if you need help shifting perspective, you know where to find me.


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