Play Outside! An Earth Day Reflection

I don’t normally do a great job of keeping up with all the various holidays and points of celebration. But Earth Day is near and dear to my heart.  And not for any deep political reason.  Earth Day is special to me because it reminds us to look outside and celebrate the amazing planet that we live on.

I am an outside girl.  Even as a kid who just wanted to be left alone with my books, I wanted to be left alone with my books while I was perched in the crook of a big old tree.  Some of that is a reflection of many family summers spent camping and playing outside.  Our vacations almost always included (still do, actually) lots of hiking and visits to beautiful parks and trails.

There has been plenty written about the possibility that our kids might be experiencing an over-scheduled, over-stimulated, electronically padded nature deprivation.

I think that adults are at risk of nature deprivation too.  We all need the experience of fresh air, or spring flowers, or the sound of wind in the trees.  It touches something deep inside us.  For me, it fills those places that are longing for some peace and quiet.

I’m going to keep this post short & sweet today.  My Earth Day gift to you is an invitation:  get outside!  Put your toes in the grass, plant a seed, walk in the park, watch the birds, smell a hyacinth. . .you get to pick, just enjoy a few moments of connection with nature today.  I bet you’ll feel a tiny bit renewed too.


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