Superpowers, Revisited

I wrote a while back about my “therapy superpower,” but today’s post is a bit different.  One of the other therapists in my office was talking about a conversation she had with her three year old granddaughter.  The granddaughter was decked out in princess gear, and my empowered, educated, engaged colleague had to put a plug in for girl-power.  The conversation went something like this:

Colleague:  Wow! What a fancy princess you are.  What’s your superpower?

Granddaughter: Doing just what I love.

Did you catch that?  The three-year old identified her superpower.  And it was “doing just what I love.”  How unbelievably, amazingly wonderful is that?

I don’t know if the best question here is, “How on earth does a three-year old have such a wise answer for that question?” or “Why isn’t that an answer that more grownups could give?”

Doing Just What You Love

When was the last time that phrase describe what you were doing?  Do you have to go all the way back to being three?  I think that this superpower ties directly into many of the posts that I’ve been writing recently.  Because self-care works best when we are doing things that we love.  Doing what we love is a great way to validate ourselves–to pour energy into those things that pour energy back into us.

As I said, I’m lucky–in my job I get to do just what I love every day.  And I get to do that when I play board games with my siblings, or hang out with my family.  I get to do that when I’m outside enjoying nature.  I get so many chances to do what I love.  And that’s what I want for my readers and my clients.

So, really, when was the last time you were doing just what you love?

If that question makes you feel a bit like an ant under a microscope, don’t worry.  This isn’t a pop quiz. I’m not going to track you down and require an answer.  Instead, recognize that you’re giving yourself some valuable information.  It might be time to get back in touch with yourself.  To make sure that your activities in life are actually in line with what matters to you.

Not everyone gets to do a job that you love.  But there is room in every life for things that bring you joy.  That remind you of the freedom you felt when you were three and anything was possible.

What will you do this week that reflects just what you love?  If you’re feeling brave, feel free to share in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Superpowers, Revisited

    1. Marie,

      I think that the long journey is the more common experience. And that can make it easy to get discouraged along the way. Thanks for being vocal about the value of the journey–and the fact that it’s worth it to hang in there.


  1. LOVE this – only proviso I have is that if your “what you love” is blazing a new trail, you’ll have to take a lot of financial risk at the outset.

    I’ve been doing “just what I love” for a while now, but had to deal with the stress that accompanies a monthly risk of winding up living in my car – not hyperbole, I’m sorry to say – to continue to do what I do. It’s starting to pay off, finally, but I can’t say that the last few years have been anything but interesting, in that Chinese-curse way …

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