Are You Ready? It’s Time to Think Outside the Box

If you’ve been reading the blog over the past few months (and really for the past few years), you’ve probably seen hints about the fact that I believe psychologists have an important role to play in bringing about health care change.  And I am so very excited to be partnering with innovative thinker and psychologist Dr. Susan Giurleo to begin exploring how that might happen.

After a discussion in which several psychologists were sharing frustration over our wish to contribute more and our sense that our voices aren’t heard in other spaces, we realized that we could do something about that.  We could build a space and reach out to others from that platform.  I talked about this a bit more in my post “Why #InnoPsy?

Now it’s time to actually get it started.

The Innovative Psychology Tweetchat starts tomorrow night, January 7th, at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT.  Why a Tweetchat?  Because Twitter is a platform that allows for global conversations–and it’s where I met most of the innovators that I admire and respect.

You’ve never participated in a Tweetchat, you say?  No problem.  First of all, you need a Twitter account.  They are free and easy to establish.  If you’re starting your first account, you’ll be prompted to follow some folks.  You could start with Susan Giurleo (@SusanGiurleo) and I (@DrBeckerSchutte).  You can also follow the @InnoPsyChat account for chat topics and moderation.

Once you have your Twitter account up and running, I would recommend using another tool to participate in the chat.  My favorites are Tweetchat ( or (  Either of these tools allows you to enter a hashtag (ours is #InnoPsy) and you will see the chat in a full screen window, which makes it easy to follow along.

Tomorrow night, we’ll be doing an open mic night to get to know our community and to hear from you what topics you want to explore in a discussion about innovation in psychology.

I hope we see you there! I’m excited to explore new ideas in psychology.

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