Gratitude and Cocoons

I wanted to pause this week and thank each of you who reads this blog, comments, pins, or shares it. The blog is really my labor of love for my clients and for the larger community. It is my space, an extension of my office, an extension of my mind.  Sometimes we talk big stuff here, like health stigma and healthy privilege.  Sometimes we talk about the very small acts of self-care and coping that build healthy foundations.

What happens here is growing, changing, and evolving.

And a lot of that is because of you.

Thanks for being the other partner in this writing dance.

I hope next year includes even more growth and change.  I’m sure you’ll hear more about the #InnoPsy project.  I’m pretty fired up about getting psychologists into the larger discussion about healthcare and mental health issues overall.  And I’d love to hear even more of your voices.

But before we get to that–I have two weeks that I can spend with a very new nephew.  He doesn’t live near me, and he’s already growing so fast.  And what that means is that I’ll be pretty quiet online these next two weeks.  Not so many blog posts, not so much Twitter activity.  I’ll be in a little cocoon of family and reflection time.  I might hide it well in my online life, but I’m a pretty strong introvert, so that cocoon time is important for rejuvenating me as we head into the new year.  I draw my strength and energy from that space.

So, I’ll be cuddling babies and baking.  I hope that you are doing activities that bring you joy, connection, and meaning.  And I’ll see you on the flip side of the cocoon!

Thanks again for coming along with me.

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