Balance Roundup: 4 December 2013

After last month’s posting bonanza, I’m still working out my new writing schedule. However, I di miss having a regular roundup of all the other great writing that’s out there. So, we’re going to try to get back in the Balance Roundup groove. In honor of that, here are some of the posts that have caught my eye recently.

Melissa, who blogs as Dr. Snit on Living with Lupus but Dying of Everything Else, shares her thoughts on the value of “changing as we go” throughout the challenges that life throws at us. Here’s a sample of what she has to say: ” I don’t think very many of us are living the life we thought we’d live. I say it- but it’s true for me. Playing the hand I’m dealt is a skill. Learning to ask for what I want.”

Jody Schoger describes the experience of waiting for scan results and diagnostic information as “living inside the cancer cone of uncertainty.” This metaphor, so often used by weather forecasters, seems to fit perfectly for the situations Jody describes.

Marie Ennis O’Connor shares some beautiful quotes and stories, as well as her own thoughts, contrasting the light and darkness
that all of us face, maybe especially during the holiday season.

In a beautiful, poignant illustration of those dark moments, blogger Yvonne Watterson shares the post in which she describes, for the first time, the recent loss of her husband.  This one is tough to read, but lovely.

Kerri Sparling offers some perspective on diabetes burnout, but really, her thoughts are applicable for folks facing many other health conditions as well–particularly the ones that are high maintenance.

And, as a nod to the very interesting discussion that I participated in earlier this week about health care costs, this post from blogger Scott Strange offers some perspective about why folks with Type I diabetes (and many other diagnoses) would like to see more transparency and accountability from insurance companies.

And finally, as we head into the cold weather (at least in Missouri), and the challenges that might present to our exercise routines, I offer up this post from Brynn Harrington about the ten things she wants her daughter to know about exercise.  Fantastic post, with great reminders.

As always, please feel free to share your own favorites in the comments!

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