Balance Roundup: 28 August 2013

When I wrote to you all about the fact that the balance round-up would be a less-than-weekly feature, I didn’t realize that would mean there would be a month in between round-up posts.  But, if you’ve been following the Friday posts, this past month has been full of “life happening” moments.  So we are back on board, with an overarching theme of kindness.  I hope you find something that feels kind and supportive to you.
Kindness in words creates confidence ...

Let’s Make the World a Kinder Place

Let’s kick it off with a post from Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer, in which Marie O’Connor shares an excerpt from a speech by writer George Saunders.  The gist of the speech is to remind listeners (and readers) that it is hard to choose kindness too often or too much.

This powerful reflection on life with a terminal illness from the Telling Knots blog provides another look at the issue of kindness and how we relate to one another.

Dr. Rick Hanson invites us to make some peace with the idea that our lives will include criticism–and explores how this recognition may help us be kinder to ourselves.

Mara Glatzel explores the possibility that our journey to understand our own purpose is a powerful form of self-love and kindness.

Beth Gainer shares a painful story of how a lack of empathy and kindness in the workplace made her struggle with chemotherapy and radiation even harder.  The huge response in the comments points toward this as an area where we need to grow.

And this piece from Marie at Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer does two great things.  It highlights the art of Allie Brosh, and it speaks to the prevalence of mental health struggles.  It’s not directly about kindness, but awareness is one of the ways that we build empathy.

What kindness connection would you like to share this week?  Feel free to include more suggestions in the comments.

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