Getting Back in the Groove

Hello all!  It feels like ages since I have managed to publish a post (it’s been two weeks, but it feels really long).  Several things contributed to that gap.  First, I was on vacation with my family, and I am working really hard at making my vacations into digital breaks as well as physical ones, so I left the laptop at home, and unplugged for the week.  Then there was last week, when I was back to work, back to routines, and feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Mudflat channel. Kincaid Park, Alaska
My kind of grooves! What’s yours?

On top of that, I am simultaneously trying to get ready for family baby showers, bridal showers, major milestone birthdays, and next year’s travel–oh, and having my partner’s work schedule flipped upside down.  All of these things mark joyful events, hopeful progress, and growth.  And they have been a powerful reminder that even good things can create stress.  I have remarked several times this week that I am struggling to know which way is up.  Not because anything is wrong.  But because a lot is going on.  And with that many balls in the air, it can be easy to feel like you’re about to do a spectacular drop.

So sitting at my desk this morning to write felt like a gift.  And that feeling reminded me that, when I feel overwhelmed, one of the best coping strategies for me is to focus on concrete tasks.  I have never been fantastic at lists, but I do love the feeling of knowing that I’ve gotten something done. Each small thing that I achieve is one step closer to being able to enjoy the celebrations coming up.

And, as I have written before, I can handle this.  So can you.  We are all stronger than we thought.  So, if you are feeling off balance, as though your handful of balls may come crashing down, I’m inviting you to take a breath.  To remember that you can only do one thing at a time.  To try not to miss the daily small moments of joy that are tucked in among the tasks and the worries.

And remember, even if you feel completely off course, all it takes is some consistent choices to get you back in the groove.


Image Credit: Photo by Paxson Woebler via Flickr under Creative Commons License

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