Balance Roundup: 26 June 2013

I have all kinds of good stuff for you in the balance roundup this week.  There is some research about meditation, some great reflections on aspects of self-care, a few posts about interpersonal issues and an important healthcare reflection.

Meditation and Mindfulness

I have talked a lot about various types of meditation and the good things that can happen if you meditate regularly. Laura Schenck, MA has rounded up some of that research about the health benefits of lovingkindness meditation and presented in a very accessible way.

I also enjoyed this piece from PsychCentral which reviews research suggesting that the benefits of meditation tend to last beyond the act of meditating.

Self-Care and Self-Kindness

This piece from Wildmind could have landed in the meditation section too, but felt as though this reflection about what we can learn from impermanence was also a form of mental self-care.

I have written several times about the need to be aware of how we are affected by our technology.  Jonathan Fields offers another take on this issue in his own reflection about the pressure to be constantly connected.

Robert Pederse has a few words about making healthy changes, and the fact that they don’t change our intrinsic worth.  I love this post.

Interpersonal Issues

Glynis Sherwood, MA looks at the issue of interpersonal scapegoating, either in families or in other relationships.  She explores how scapegoating happens and what you might to do escape those patterns.

Jennifer Gresham explores how fear affects us, and why it might be useful for kids to see us struggle a bit to face our fears.  Some of her points about fear are spot on, and may be part of future posts.

Voices from Healthcare

Dr. Michelle Sorenson offers a thought-provoking piece about why patients hold back some information, and what healthcare providers might do differently to provide better support.

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