Self-Care 101: Puddle Jumping and Rain Running

I am guessing that if I say, “I’ve had one of those weeks,” you’ll know what I mean.  One of those weeks where the demands of daily life seem a bit over the top, or you get challenging news, or you don’t sleep well, or a cluster of any number of things upset the routine and make it all seem a little (or a lot) hard.  And I have had one of those weeks.  I’ve had one of those weeks to a degree that meant I wasn’t even sure if I would write today.  And I don’t skip my Friday posts.  I love writing and I’m committed to contributing to solid mental health information online.

Moments to Celebrate
I don’t know about your part of the world, but here in Kansas City, we were part of the devastating drought that took place last year.  So, we have been trying very hard to be grateful for the regular rain that we’ve been getting this year.  Our trees, gardens, and foundations all need the moisture.

But I am having one of those weeks.  And it has rained nearly every day since Tuesday.  And the dog has muddy feet, and the kids are stuck in the house.  So this morning, I was just off kilter.  I followed my own advice and took myself out of the office for a quick walk. That was helping, but then the real magic happened.

I saw a big old puddle.

And instead of walking around, I walked right through it.  Since I’m dressed for work, and I don’t have backup clothes, I didn’t give it a full-steam jump.  But I might later on.

Because I love jumping in puddles.  Especially during rainstorms.  Now that I’m a grown-up mom-type, I don’t spend as much time outside in thunderstorms as I used to, but I love the smells and sounds and feelings of playing in the rain and in the puddles.

This moment reminded me that even during a full-blown “terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad” week–there are moments of joy if we let ourselves find them.  Moments when we remember the playful, engaged, child inside of us. And letting ourselves soak up those moments–jumping into a few puddles–is a way to push back the stress of daily life and re-connect ourselves to our coping tools.

So, have you jumped in any good puddles recently?  What is your secret childlike joy?


Image Credit: Photo by Little Miss Ladybug via Flickr under Creative Commons License

3 thoughts on “Self-Care 101: Puddle Jumping and Rain Running

  1. I liked to dam up little streams and watch the water collect. But as an adult it is not so much fun – I know the consequences of the floods you can cause doing that.
    As a child it was a highlight the day we made a dam and flooded the street. All the dads had to go out and break our dam. It must have made us feel powerful

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