Mid-Week Balance 3 April 2013

Happy Wednesday–I am in a bit of shock that it is already April.  This week, I have an enormous round-up for you.  This week, in addition to posts on mindfulness and self-care. I have an extra section.  I’m including several articles about healthcare, and patient experiences in the healthcare system.  I may try to make this a regular feature, because I think that we need to expand the conversation about healthcare and access to healthcare.

100_1039Mindfulness and Self-Care

I have included several posts in the past about how mindfulness can come into play when we interact with technology.  This is an issue that continues to grow and change, so I thought it was worth re-visiting when I came across this post by Dr. Elisha Goldsten.

Dr. Tara Brach was one of the authors who first introduced me to the idea of radical acceptance.  I appreciated her post on how her own physical pain led her on a journey to understanding better how often we resent our bodies.

Research continues to demonstrate that mindfulness can lead to multiple health benefits.  Here is a study that might begin to help us understand why, suggesting that mindfulness practice might lead to lower levels of stress hormones.

Anna Guest-Jelley is someone that I can always count on to have keen insight.  This post reminding us that we are always capable of growth is a great example of that.

Health Focused Posts

I mentioned up top that today’s round-up was going to be a bit different.  This post is part of the reason why. I don’t normally include hot debate topics in my round-ups, but the issue of medical cost transparency (being able to clearly state what medical processes & procedures actually cost) is something that affects all of us.

I have written before about the value of patient stories. So I was thrilled when I saw this post from the Afternoon Nap Society that adds another layer of stories.  The author talks about how the stories she knows about her doctors helps her feel more connected and supported by her health care team.

Lisa Bonchek Adams has a gift for stating things in powerful, but accessible, ways.  This post about the importance of resilience in the face of uncertainty really hit a nerve for me, because resilience is one of the qualities that I focus on with my patients.

And finally, there is this post.  If you have had any contact with me, you probably know that I am a huge advocate for online connection and education.  I believe there is huge power in communities built online.  So, I was thrilled to see that the #BCSM (Breast Cancer and Social Media) community has been recognized in Forbes magazine.

That’s all for me this week.  I hope that you found something in this giant round-up that met your needs.  As always, please feel free to share your favorite posts of the week in the comments.

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