Mid-Week Balance: 27 March 2013

Hi all–I hope that you have had a great past week.  I am back and ready to roll with some great new posts from a batch of talented writers.  Today’s round-up is a pretty broad grab-bag edition, so hopefully something will really hit home for you.  Let’s jump right in:

As I stare out my window at snow, this is my wishful thinking!
As I stare out my window at snow, this is my wishful thinking!

Grab-Bag Goodness

Mara Glatzel had an interesting post this week inviting readers to think about how you make decisions, and how to shift that process so that it involves more listening to your own voice.

It almost wouldn’t be a MWB roundup without some mindfulness.  And, since this week includes some historic civil rights debate, I thought that this video from Dr. Elisha Goldstein focusing on how mindfulness can help us work toward equality was a perfect fit.

From Rosie Molinary comes a powerful reminder that we retain the power to change our course in life, to learn new things, to choose something different–no matter what our age is.

I have highlighted metastatic cancer in other posts, but I love this post from Dr. Kathleen Hoffman.  In her exploration of how the organization METAvivor came to be, she explains what metastatic cancer is and how often it is overlooked.  I thought that the reminder that our outrage can fuel action was particularly important.

From the Afternoon Nap Society blog comes this reminder that we cannot see many of the illnesses that affect ability–nor can we see the effort that many patients (and caregivers) put into fighting to reclaim their lives.

And, in a digital era, I thought it would be nice to share a pile of digital resources.  The organization “Unsuicide” has set up a wiki listing mental health apps.  I have not reviewed these apps, and I can’t endorse them, but I thought that a list was a fantastic idea.  They are always open to new suggestions, as well.

That’s it for me this week.  As always, please feel free to share your favorite resources in the comments.

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