Mid-Week Balance: 6 February 2013

So you may have noticed that there wasn’t a round-up last week.  I’m sorry about that.  I had the articles all pulled and lined up, and then I just ran out of steam.  As I mentioned last Friday, our house has been germ central recently, and sleep seemed the better part of valor while I tried to protect myself from the germs.  And while I am sorry I missed a post, I also know that it matters to follow the self-care suggestions that I offer to others.  But this week, we are back and ready to roll.  This is a classic grab-bag–no clear theme, just lots of good stuff.  I hope something speaks to your needs this week.

photo-8Grab-Bag Goodness

I have included several posts over the last year about the need to have an mindful relationship with our technology.  Dr. Elisha Goldstein explores this idea, and suggests responses that protect some spaces in our lives.

In another take on mindfulness, blogger and migraine survivor Diana Lee, talks about how she has developed a “bite-sized” strategy for incorporating mindfulness even in the face of pain.

In therapy, I have often had the experience of sitting with someone who is convinced that life would be so much better if they could just change ______ (fill in the blank) about themselves.  Mara Glatzel takes on this idea and offers her own reflection that maybe all of you is worth loving, right now, as you are.

I’ve talked before about some of the challenges of being a caregiver.  This article from the New York Times suggests that many caregivers may experience a form of post-traumatic stress that lingers long after their actual caregiving.

Dr. Allison Andrews specializes in helping parents, but her story about the importance of empathy and careful listening as a parent resonated with me–and I think that all of us can benefit from a caring, skillful listener.

Dr. Colleen Arnold has begun a series about optimism and depression that I think is very powerful.  In fact, I like the series so much that I am including links to two of her posts.  In the first, she talks about the idea of being an “optimistic depressive.”  In the second, she explores how our outlook can affect our experience.

That’s it for me this week.  Please feel free to share your own favorite resources in the comments.


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