Mid-Week Balance: 9 January 2013

Hello everyone!  This week’s round-up is more normal-sized than the last few have been.  That’s more a reflection of my own limited time than a lack of good stuff to share.  I hope that the week finds you easing back into your routines after all of the holiday schedule disruptions.  This week is all grab-bag, so I’m going to dive right in.

Cedar Breaks NP 035Grab-Bag of Goodness

At a time of year when we are bombarded by messages about losing weight, and getting toned, I loved this reminder from small business owner, gender stereotype education warrior, and mom Melissa Wardy that our choices set an example for those around us.  I also appreciate being gently encouraged to celebrate all the things my body can do.

This collection of meditation resources from Wildmind is also from the eighth day of their 100 day meditation challenge.  What? You haven’t been participating in the challenge yet?  No worries–it’s a commitment of five minutes a day.  You could jump on board right now.

I appreciated this reminder from Rosie Molinary suggesting some mental resets that we can use to avoid duplicating last years patterns in our new year.

In a similar vein is this 3-2-1 countdown from Dr. Teri Bourdeau, with some simple suggestions to support more physical activity.  With the growing body of research supporting the value of exercise for everything from managing blood pressure to lowering your dementia risk, this would be a good year to amp up your movement routine.

Dr. Ashley Soloman reminds us that we are more likely to maintain positive change if we have a good team of supporters.  She encourages you to dream big and think about who would fill out your support network “dream team.

This last post isn’t a resource, exactly, but it is an incredible visual representation of how active patients and social media savvy health care providers can change the health conversation.

As always, I’d love to hear your own favorite resource of the week.

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  1. Thanks for linking to APA’s your mind your body blog! We have many psychologists prompting healthy behaviors & providing great tips on how to manage many of life’s challenges. Appreciate seeing your tips, especially helping others learn how to slow down & be mindful through meditation.

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