Mid-Week Balance: 23 January 2013

We are heading into the end of January, and this is a time when many people feel discouraged.  The weather is cold and often gloomy.  The excitement of the holidays (for good or bad) is over, and now it’s time to deal with a new year of business and responsibilities.  Maybe you tried a change that has been harder or less satisfying than you expected.  So, in honor of the fact that this is a tough time for some folks, I have gathered up a blog version of “chicken soup”–warm, nourishing, and comforting.

3292261940_5216abe8b9_nMWB Chicken Soup

I can’t help sharing this lovely gem from Dr. Brene Brown–a reflection on some of the powerful words of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Like Dr. Brown, these are words that serve as a touchstone for me.  I hope they bring some light into your week.

Robert Pederse of the T Minus Two blog reflects on his own intentions for change and the mental tool that he is using to help keep himself engaged.

Dr. Rick Hanson invites you to pay close attention to the language that you use–with yourself and with others.  He suggests that being mindful of your speech can be a powerful mental health tool.

Social media can be a powerful tool for good AND a powerful distraction–sometimes all at once. Dr. Marsha Lucas talks about this and discusses a tool to help you increase your awareness of how you are responding to social media.

Sometimes the beginning of a new year includes anxiety about new ventures–either traveling or learning or building your business.  Dr. Elisha Goldstein offers a simple meditation practice that can help you manage anxiety about these new ventures.

I have written before about the problems with some typical responses to grief and loss, including suggestions for more compassionate listening.  Dr. Ashley Solomon revisits this topic in a thoughtful post about the effects of the phrase, “it could be worse.”

And finally, to round out the “chicken soup” theme this week, here is this lovely, warm, caring reflection from Anna Guest-Jelley about the fact that we can always offer our imperfect bodies some love.

That’s it for me.  I hope you found something that fed your mind and spirit this week.  As always, please feel free to share your own thoughts and favorite posts for the week.


Image Credit: Photo by Robert Couse-Baker via Flicker

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