Wednesday: 14 November 2012

This week feels like the time when everyone is trying to catch their breath. It’s our week to slow things down a bit after the election and before the holiday season kicks off in full next week.  In that spirit, I’ve tried to gather some posts for MWB that are about pausing and focusing.  For the first time, I have a special section for men, plus some mindfulness stuff, and a few posts about getting yourself on solid footing to start the holidays.

As I am writing this, I am aware that the destruction from Hurricane Sandy may no longer be our top news story.  Because so many people are still affected and suffering, here’s a thoughtful post about suggestions to help elderly friends and family weather the stresses of the storm. While it is targeted at helping the elderly, the suggestions might generalize well to other vulnerable groups.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Did you notice the nifty graphic I’m using today?  That is an open source symbol for mindfulness, created by the folks at Radical Course.  They have a lovely explanation of their rationale, as well as guidelines for using the image here.  I particularly like the way the image draws on both the vertical and the horizontal to invite you to be present in the moment.

If you are preparing to be on the road or in the air next week, here is an invitation to bring some mindfulness and compassion to your travel from Dr. Elisha Goldstein.

For Men (and really, for women too!)

Since I am trying to raise kids, I am a sucker for research about what influences healthy development.  So, I was fascinated with this article about a longitudinal (over time) study of relationships between men and their fathers.  The research (conducted over ninety years) suggested that men who had warm relationships with a father or other important role model, did better in life than men who didn’t.  In general, the research raises some important questions about how much our relationships matter–no matter what gender we are.

And from R. Pederson of the T Minus Two blog, comes this reflection about fear–and why we are reluctant to admit that we feel fear.  He is speaking specifically to men, but I think that many women have a shame-based relationship with fear as well.  He raises some interesting ideas.

Holiday Preparation

Before we rush into the holiday season, which for many includes the acquisition of new “stuff”–both physical and emotional, it might be helpful to spend a few minutes with this post from Dr. Rick Hanson.  He invites us to consider what we are carrying with us–and experiment with laying some things down.

And, if the idea of the next six weeks of activity fills you with dread, here are some practical tips from writer Rosie Molinary about organization and productivity.

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