Thankful for . . . You!

Hi there!  In this week of giving thanks, I just wanted to take a moment to thank the community of folks who regularly read and comment here.  This blog is a labor of love for me–I want to create a free resource that is available to anyone at any time.  It’s getting to be a deep pool of posts–I’m closing in on post #200 in the next month or so.  I appreciate those of you who subscribe to the blog in your RSS feed, or who receive posts through email.  I am especially grateful to those who take the time to share your thoughts–you bring a whole new level to the posts. Oh, and if you share my content, and help diminish the stigma associated with mental health–I appreciate that as well!

So, thank you!  And if you are new, please feel free to jump in and share a thought or ask a question.  The more I hear from you, the better I can serve you.


Image Credit: Photo by mandiberg via Flickr

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