Mid-Week Balance: 7 November 2012

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the need for some kindness, compassion and connection after the bitterness of an American political season.  So today I have a super-sized MWB for you.  There’s a section on mindfulness and meditation (you didn’t think I’d skip that, did you?), and then a great grab-bag section.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Are you curious about mindfulness and self-compassion, but not sure what it’s really all about?  Dr. Rick Hanson has brought together seven experts in the field (some of my favorites) for a free seven-part video series.  The series actually started in early October, but all of the sessions are archived so that you can watch the videos on your own time.

One of the most difficult things about any healthy change is making it a consistent part of your life.  Wildmind’s founder Bodhipaksa shares a few things that he has learned in his own efforts to be a “rock-solid” meditator.

Grab-Bag of Healthy Goodies

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits describes the single characteristic that he thinks is most important in building success: being willing to think and act in ways that are different.

In a similar vein, Rosie Molinary asks us to think about what good might happen if we are willing to give up “thinking small,” and really try for big changes in ourselves and in the world.

While we are thinking differently and thinking big, Seth Godin reminds us to show up in the moment and pay attention, especially for the early, less exciting parts of change.  I read this post with a wince of sympathy, since I’ve had my own inattention-related injuries this year.

Want to do some thing different?  Try writing as a way to guide and shape your changes.  Dr. Ashley Soloman offers some suggestions on how to get started.

Here is a fantastic example of how writing can be used both to help you process your own experience, but also to help others gain more understanding and compassion from Amy Kiel of Una Vita Bella.

I hope that today finds you doing well.  And if you are struggling, that you find the strength to reach out for support.  As usual, please feel free to share your own favorite resources in the comments.

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