Mid-Week Balance: 28 November 2012

Hello there–happy Wednesday.  I hope that the last week included some times and spaces that were peaceful or joyful.  That you got to enjoy family, or food, or shopping, or hibernating–whatever felt caring to you.  This week’s MWB is an invitation to pause.  An invitation to take a breath–to enter into the last five weeks of the year paying attention to yourself.  I have a few posts about holiday-related issues, a few about the things that hold us back from change, and an absolutely beautiful post about the isolation of metastatic cancer.

Holiday Mental Health

Often, the idea of being grateful at Thanksgiving can seem cliched.  But, the reality is, there is a growing body of research that suggests regular practice of gratitude can benefit your physical and mental health.  The folks at the Wildmind blog did a fantastic round-up of their most popular posts about gratitude–both the science and the practice.

In the gratitude theme, Melissa (@DrSnit) of the Living With Lupus–But Dying of Everything Else blog explores the challenge of gratitude in the face of grief.

And–now that we have weathered Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday–a reflection about taking time to make choices that put our values first this holiday season.

Barriers to Change?

Jen Gresham uses an experience with her own physical pain to invite us to explore why we remain in life situations that cause us pain.  She asks some great questions about the barriers we put up between ourselves and meaningful change.

And if you’re fired up after reading that post, but still not sure of yourself, check out this wisdom from Mara Glatzel: “you are not broken, you are more ready than you think.”

Shining the Light

Whether or not you have metastatic cancer, if you have experienced trauma or loss, you might also understand the powerful sense of isolation described by Lisa Bonchek Adams in this beautiful, poignant post.  She does a lovely job of reminding us that many of our painful journeys are more complex than they appear on the surface.

As always, if you have a favorite post this week, please feel free to share it in the comments.

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