Mid-Week Balance: 31 October 2012

Today is an odd juxtaposition for me.  The carefree silliness of Halloween seems at odd with the loss and suffering that many are coping with in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. So, I put together a collection of posts that I hope will lift you up and encourage reflection.

After the Storm

This post from Dr. Susan Guirleo asks us to think about what truly matters to us.  I particularly liked her invitation to take some time to put your core values in writing–I’m a strong believer in the clarification we can gain when we write.

Seth Godin reminds us that we get to choose how we respond in the face of crisis.  What will you choose?


This post from therapist Glynis Sherwood is about relationship addiction.  However, as I read it, I found myself thinking about many painful patterns that we repeat because they are familiar.  So, even if you aren’t dealing with painful relationships, I’d encourage you to give this one a read and think about whether or not you have a hurtful pattern that is repeating in your life.

Neal Pearson of YogaHub reminds us that pain (physical and emotional) can be debilitating and demoralizing–often involving its own grief process.  I appreciate his post acknowledging this and gently encouraging those in pain to continue to seek compassionate support.

This post from Dr. Rick Hanson isn’t a quick read.  However, he takes his own research findings and applies them to a compassionate understanding of the core things that we and those around us “want.”  If you read all the way through, and apply the suggestions he offers for practicing that compassionate understanding first with yourself and then with others, I think you will see genuine benefits.

If you are reading this and you are in the dark (physically or emotionally), I hope that you found something to lift you up.  If you are celebrating the holiday–I hope you get wonderful playtime.  Either way, please feel free to share your own favorite resources in the comments.


Image Credit: Jack-o’-lanterns by wwarby via Flickr

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