Mid-Week Balance: 24 October 2012–World Mental Health Day Edition

Supporting World Mental Health Day

You may notice that the date on this blog tag is October 10th.  While I wasn’t on top of it by the 10th, I didn’t want to let October slide by without honoring some of the amazing voices that are out there sharing stories about their struggles with mental health.

Here is the official World Mental Health Day blog round-up at PsychCentral.  If you have the time, there are good things to read there.  If you don’t have time right now, this might be good to bookmark.

This post is in the bigger blog roll list, but the author is talking about mental health stigma.  This is critical, and there is no way we can say it too much, so I’m adding it here as well.

In fact, the issue of stigma is so important, I also included this post by Scott Strange of Strangely Diabetic.  He does an amazing job of breaking down both the experience of stigma–both in diabetes and mental health.

This post from the author of Una Bella Vita.  I will include a trigger warning before you click through.  The author, who is in good health now, shares a raw and painful exploration of her own experience with self-harm.

And finally, in a post that brings together the focus on breast cancer awareness and the focus on mental health awareness, Accidental Amazon Kathi Kolb, reminds us that cancer is a mental challenge as well as a physical one.


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