Mid-Week Balance: 17 October 2012

Hi all–I hope this week finds you well.  I know that here in the Midwest, (or at least at my house), we are coping with the first round of fall/winter germs.  That may have influenced the posts I chose this week.  I have several posts that fit into the health and healthcare category, and then a few that explore ways to challenge our limits.

Posts from the World of Healthcare:

This post by Dr. Kitty O’Hare was written to college students with chronic illnesses.  However, as I read through her list of ten tips for managing your health in college, I found myself thinking that these are broadly applicable to people of all ages.

Dr. Ashley Soloman reminds herself (and us) that if we aren’t getting good quality healthcare (from any of our providers–including psychologists), that we deserve to take the steps that will bring us to good care, whether that is a conversation or a new provider.

Last Wednesday was World Mental Health Day. (I know, I know–probably would have been a good MWB focus.  I’ve got that in store for next week.)  This post from Dr. Kathleen Nordal does a lovely job of illustrating why mental health care matters and how you could go about getting it.

This post from Dr. Don Dizon is about how doctors can use connection on Twitter to reduce the emotional fatigue of tough specialties like oncology.  As I read the post, I also thought about the powerful patient communities that I’ve encountered who are doing parallel work to support those living with serious and chronic conditions.

Posts Highlighting Self-Care

From Rosie Molinary comes this post, with a lovely reminder that we can choose to ground ourselves in self-compassion.  Here is one line that really struck a chord with me, “When our compassion is only able to be handed out, it is finite.  But here’s the thing:  when we allow our compassion to take root within us, it is limitless.”

I often (as my clients can attest) get on the soapbox about making small changes–because they are most likely to be sustainable, and because they add up.  So imagine my delight when I found this post on the T Minus Two blog about measuring small changes.

That’s what I’ve got this week.  If you have a favorite mental health post to share for next week, let me know on Twitter or Facebook (or in the comments).  In fact, if you have a great post to share about any health and self-care topic, I’d love to know.

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