Mid-Week Balance: 12 September 2012

I have realized that there is a pattern developing in the MWB round-ups.  I generally find several posts that have some link to meditation, yoga, or mindfulness practice.  I find myself always re-learning these lessons, so posts on these topics grab me.  And then I have several other posts that create some grab-bag goodness.  This week is no exception to that rule.  So, without further ado, let’s dive in:

Wisdom to Help You Stay Present:

Dr. Rick Hanson explores a topic that I’ve touched on before–the power that our “shoulds” can have over us.  I appreciated the evaluation tool that he offers to push back against “shoulding.

Dr. Elisha Goldstein invites us to explore how the principles of mindfulness can be applied when we are trying to change old habits.

I really like this reminder from Wildmind’s Bodhipaksa that all of us are essentially trying to be happy.  When we apply that lens, it can change how we interact in the world.

Grab-Bag Wisdom:

Rosie Molinary offers some of her favorite tools for calming and managing anxiety.  I liked this practical, easy to apply list.

Dr. Ashley Soloman talks about the challenges of making friends once you are past college.  She also has a practical list of suggestions for taking action.

Hollye Jacobs offers a very different list of suggestions (I was all about the lists this week).  Hers are focused on how to be a good friend when someone is dying.  I also think that you could adapt these suggestions to being with someone who is coping with serious illness or intense grief.

And finally, from Seth Godin, a few key questions to think about when you are facing disagreement or conflict.

As I said, it’s a grab-bag–anything good is fair game.  😉  As always, please feel free to share your own favorite resources of the week in the comments.

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