Mid-Week Balance: 8 August 2012

It is that time again.  Time for a round-up of some of the wonderful stuff that I have read over the past week.  This week is a grab-bag edition.  Some health and body posts, some thoughts on following your path, and–because I couldn’t resist–an Olympic-themed post.

Grab-Bag Goodness

First off, Dr. Ashley Soloman of Nourishing the Soul, offers up some lessons that she has taken from watching the Olympics this time around.  And yes, I am an Olympics nerd, and I’m okay with that.  Fortunately for me, it’s only two weeks every two years.

Julie Fanning, LCSW, wrote this week about the perils of following your own path.  I appreciated this post because my clients and I often explore the challenges and risks of growing and change.

If you have struggled with healthy eating in your life, you may have explored strategies to do less grazing (you know, that mindless munching that adds up so quickly) and more planned eating.  Michelle, who writes with incredible compassion at The Fat Nutritionist, offers a reflection about why this is such a struggle for many people, as well as suggestions for implementing structured eating.

Anna Guest-Jolley offers a lovely exploration about some of her views about yoga, body, and self-compassion.  I liked this post because it is so supportive and uplifting.  I like the world through the lens that Anna sees it.

And finally, Neil Pearson at Yoga Hub shares his own story about how he confronted his fear of swimming.  I appreciated the series of questions that he asked himself when faced with a frightening activity.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week.  As always, feel free to offer your own favorite suggestions in the comments.  And, I’m on the hunt for more great health-themed blogs, so if you have one to recommend, let me know.


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