Mid-Week Balance: 29 August 2012

Okay, so here’s the deal.  I made a commitment to myself that I was either going to get rid of a lot of my blog subscriptions or I was going to keep on top of my RSS reader, because the hundreds of unread messages that I had piling up were starting to get me down.  I have been very diligent about getting through new posts.  That means that I have been finding even more stuff that I want to share with you.  That means that this is another super-sized edition of MWB.  I hope that also means that you find even more helpful things to get you through the week.  Just to change things off, I’m going to lead with the grab-bag, then wrap up with a few posts on mindfulness (I know, shocking, right?).

Grab Bag:

Last week, I found a post suggesting some helpful ways to respond to someone who has cancer.  I loved that post because it was so caring and proactive.  So, imagine my happiness when I found this post that expands on that idea by suggesting helpful ways to respond to anyone who is coping with illness.

Like Dr. Solomon, many of my patients report that they truly struggle with sleep.  So, I am happy to share this post, originally seen on the Nourishing the Soul blog, about coping with insomnia.

A few weeks ago, I dealt with my own back-to-school angst by sharing some posts for parents.  I really like this post, exploring suggestions for raising resilient children.  The post also made me wonder–which of these tips can we apply to our relationships with ourselves?

Anna Guest-Jelley uses her own experience with the approaching anniversary of her father’s death to share the journey she has taken to allow herself her full range of feelings.  I appreciated her reminder that we really do own all of our feelings–no matter what anyone else thinks or says.

I have written before about pregnancy loss, and I found this personal essay about living through multiple miscarriages touching and powerful.

And, in case you need some inspiration to take action, here’s a thought shared on Nourishing the Soul.

Mindfulness Practice Tips

I talk about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation pretty regularly, especially in MWB.  This post from Laura Schenck, MA, does a great job of rounding up some of the research on the benefits of mindfulness practice, and offers some simple tips to get you started.

Another simple take on mindfulness practice is offered by this guest author on the Zen Habits blog–along with an exploration of why it matters to your health.

Whew–I warned you that this was a big one.  I do hope that there was something that brought value to your week.  As always, please feel free to share your own favorite resource of the week in the comments.

One thought on “Mid-Week Balance: 29 August 2012

  1. Dr. Schutte – I enjoyed reading your article on finding balance in various aspects of life. I appreciate your link to my article, “Simple Mindfulness Meditation Exercise.” I continually find mindfulness to be an incredibly simple, yet not necessarily easy, concept to both understand and put into practice. I hope that your readers benefit from learning some simple mindfulness meditation steps to get started. I look forward to exploring your website! – Laura Schenck

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