(not quite) Mid-Week Balance: 6 July 2012

This week’s MWB is all kinds of different.  It’s on a different day, because I couldn’t resist the idea of an independence day post on Wednesday.  It’s a bit more of a blog archive review than a collection of other posts–because this is my vacation week, and I won’t be around to be combing through the blog reader.   I do have one post that I found before I left town that I want to share.  The rest of the posts this week are a few of the highlights from the blog over the last year and a half.  You can tell my older posts, because I didn’t yet have the expertise to put in pretty pictures.

Pretty picture that I have finally learned to use.

The More Typical Post

I came across this post from Curvy Yoga’s Anna Guest-Jelley, and I couldn’t resist including it.  I love the way she articulates the self-doubt gremlin that so many of us struggle with–and the geeky part of me gets a kick out of the way she turned it into an equation.

The Archive Posts

This post is for all of us who have responded to someone who is facing a crisis with the statement, “If you need anything, just call.”  I invite my readers to think more deeply about how to be supportive.

In a related post, I invite caregivers (and others) to think about what kinds of support you need.  Doing the work to understand your own needs can make it easier to get support from others.

This post is one of several that I have written about what therapy is (and isn’t).  Many of my posts are inspired by experiences in my life and the lives of my patients, and this one is no exception.  It took a little bit of spring cleaning to get me writing.  What does cleaning have to do with therapy?  Guess you’ll just have to click through and find out! 🙂

One topic that comes up frequently in therapy–particularly for folks who are dealing with illness–is the sense of having done something to “deserve” their struggles or their pain.  I explored this idea in a two part series.  The first part explores the idea of “random bad stuff”  and the second part focused on coping.

As always, if you have a great resource that you’d like to share this week, I’d love to see it in the comments.


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