Mid-Week Balance: 18 July 2012

Hi all–I don’t know about you, but I am saying daily prayers of gratitude for central air conditioning as the heat wave continues here in the Midwest.  I’m also seeking out things to cool me down, both physically and emotional, and I have a collection of “mental cooling” for you this week.  Other than being interesting or helpful, there’s not a central theme this week, so dive on in and enjoy!

Grab-Bag of Mental Goodies:

From Christy Matta, MA, comes this concise description of mindfulness.  I appreciate her reminder that mindfulness isn’t about trying to avoid or diminish even our painful emotions–it is about helping us be more present for all of our life experiences.

Dr. Elisha Goldstein uses a quotation from writer and meditation teacher Pema Chodron to further explore the idea that feeling pain or discomfort is not inherently a bad thing–that may instead be a valuable part of being human.

Kat Robinson, of YogaHub, invites us to take another slant on this issue.  She suggests that sometimes, living in the moment includes the choice to deal with our messes–both the physical and emotional challenges that we may experience.

Rosie Molinary uses an example from her own life to remind us that the way that we experience our lives is largely shaped by the language we use to narrate our own stories.

Anna Guest-Jelley provides a list of affirming “facts of life.”  I’d love to know what facts you can offer to this list.

And finally, because sometimes we all just need some joy, Brene Brown offered up this post, and I can’t help linking to it.  I hope you watch the video, and have a more joyful day.  I’ll be honest, this actually made me tear up–which isn’t terribly hard–but that’s the effect that beauty has on me.


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