Mid-Week Balance: 6 June 2012

Hi everyone.  I hope this finds you enjoying your Wednesday.  I’m itching to get outside and play in the garden later tonight.  What are you looking forward to?  I have a few theme posts for you this week–writing that seems to center around becoming active instead of stuck.  And I have a few posts in the grab-bag category as well.

Becoming Unstuck

I smiled internally as I read Leo Babauta’s description of the “three-day monk” phenomenon of trying to initiate change.  It resonated with me, and so did his suggestions for changing that pattern.

In a similar vein, Anna Guest-Jelley explored how trying to establish a home yoga practice often looked a lot like trying to be on a diet–and why both patterns needed change to be sustainable.

Grab-Bag Goodness

Candice Roe was a guest writer for Rosie Molinary’s blog this week.  I thought that her reflections about what past pain means to her now were incredibly powerful.

From Dr. Elisha Goldstein, here are nine simple suggestions for reconnecting with the wonder and enjoyment of daily life–by pushing back against routine.

And from Linda Esposito, this touching reflection both the power of doing self care by meeting our core biological needs to breathe and rest–and the painful consequences that can result when those needs aren’t met.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week.  Any resources to share?  I’d love to see them.

7 thoughts on “Mid-Week Balance: 6 June 2012

  1. I’m looking forward to a walk on the beach this afternoon after being stuck at my computer all day.

    I can relate to needing more motivation to stick to a home yoga practice, and I’m a yoga teacher! Now, if I had a nice, clutter-free home studio, things would be different (maybe).

    But yes, self-care is so very important, especially for those of us who nurture others for a living.

  2. Hi Anne–Gardening, yes…I’m itching to get outside and water, plant, prune, and create a zen-like space to relax and rejuvenate in the months ahead.

    Thanks for the wonderful article by Leo–I love the title of “Three-day monk,” and I’ve definitely been guilty of a few short bursts of activity, only to find that nothing was accomplished.

    I thought of the correlation with mental health….too often clients get motivated, dare to hope, and then stop trying to change and just give in to the mental murkiness. Maybe there’s a blog post there…?

    I appreciate the mention, too.

    Take care :).

    1. Linda,

      Getting outside is always a huge help for me. And I agree with you, there may be a correlation between the idea of a “three-day monk” and the way that many of us approach our mental health. Thanks for sharing your thoughts–and it was a pleasure to share your article.


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