Mid-Week Balance: 9 May 2012

Okay, this week’s MWB may be a bit huge–I kept finding good stuff that I wanted to include, so I’ll keep my editorial remarks to a minimum and just let you have the good stuff.  This is definitely a grab-bag edition, with a bit of all kinds of things, from self-care, to cancer to changing our routines.

First, from the Wildmind Buddhist meditation blog, a post that summarizes ten tips for getting a meditation practice off the ground. You know by now that I’m a meditation fan.  Here’s some helpful suggestions to help you become one too.

Christy Matta, of the DBT Understood blog wrote this post that made me stop in my tracks.  She asks us to think about the thoughts that we pair with our intentions to change.  Do we focus on the benefits of the change, or on how much of a pain change is?  Turns out, this is a key question.

In the same vein of thought awareness, Chris Brogan invites us to take a break from our patterns.  I appreciate the invitation, and I’d love to know if you’re on board.

To take the idea of change to another level, I appreciated this post from Anna Guest-Jelley.  She talks about the importance of learning to trust the process of changing.  I loved this quote, “But what if instead of seeing change as the new, we saw it as the constant?”

While this post from Dr. Merry Jennifer Markham is about cancer patients, I found her message about the fact that life after treatment is hard to be an important one.  I think that you can substitute many other illnesses or crisis situations–the takeaway is that the need for support persists.

Author Sarah Horton writes about the ways that her experience with breast cancer has decreased her willingness to waste time on non-essential things–both online and in her outer life.  She describes this as developing a “shit filter.”

And finally, my favorite post of the week is from Rosie Molinary.  When asked by a student if she was, “always happy,” Rosie shared some of the big challenges she has faced in life, and how those have created a determination not to let the little things shake her peace.

That’s what I’ve got for you this week.  Do you have a favorite post or resource to share?  If so, please feel free to include it in the comments.

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