Mid-Week Balance: 30 May 2012

I hope that this finds you relaxed after a great long weekend.  However, the truth is that any holiday can be stressful when you are coping with illness or other challenges.  So, this week’s MWB round-up comes with a wish for some down time.

I know that Memorial Day is over, but this piece with holiday survival tips from Christy Matta is applicable on all holidays, and not bad for daily life either.

I talk to my clients pretty regularly about how negatively we can be affected by those moments when we tell ourselves that we “should,” think, do or be something.  I think this piece from Mara at Medicinal Marzipan does a good job of exploring that concept.

Here’s another take on the challenge of negative self-talk.  Dr. Elisha Goldstein shares an exploration of of a teaching from the Zen Buddhist teacher Dogen Zenji about coming to peace with our imperfections.

Maybe this one is at least a little bit for me.  I appreciate the thoughtful way that Dr. Nancy Molitor explores and challenges the myths about therapy that can come from television depictions of therapy.

And finally, there are a few “feel-good moments.”  From Dr. Ashley Soloman, an affirmation of wholeness.  And from Brene Brown, an exploration about the relationship between gratitude and joy.


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