Mid-Week Balance: 4 April 2012

This MWB includes several good tools for addressing mind and body care, a really lovely perspective on how we engage (or don’t) with our own self-care, and an important summary of information and research.  I hope that you find something useful and supportive as you read your way through this week’s batch of good stuff.

Tools for Self-Care

Dr. Elisha Goldstein consistently presents mindfulness practice in ways that are accessible.  I particularly enjoyed the suggestions he made in this article about how to “trick your brain into mindfulness.”

Nearly every patient I work with hears me suggest journaling as a coping tool at some point in their therapy.  I believe strongly in the power of writing to help us deal with painful emotions.  So, imagine how happy I was to find this “simple guide to journaling” from Zen Habits creator Leo Babauta.

Meditation is another tool that I find myself recommending frequently.  I know that, in my own practice, I have sometimes struggled to find comfortable sitting positions for meditation.  From mindfulness coach Sunada, this post offers a practical back tip for your meditation posture.

Attitude Toward Self-Care

I often work with patients on the struggles that they face in giving themselves permission to engage with self-care.  This powerful post from Mara of Medicinal Marzipan does a lovely job of illustrating what can happen when we allow ourselves to actually take action toward self-care.

Engaging with Research

I know that the word research often puts people off, but it is important to have writers who can synthesize research and present it in “plain English.”  Kathi Kolb, the Accidental Amazon, does a great job of that in her valuable post exploring what we need to know about metastatic breast cancer.

That’s it for me this week–as always, please feel free to share your favorite resource of the week.


Image Credit: Ann Becker-Schutte

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