What I Like About Me: A Self-Care Exercise

So, in this week’s Mid-Week Balance round-up, I included a post from the Just Be Enough project.  The post invited you to create a list of things that you like about yourself, to counteract all of the negative and critical self-talk that many of us engage in.  I promised on Wednesday that I would also participate in this exercise, so this post is a follow-through on that promise.  To be honest, putting my own exercise out here is pretty intimidating.  However, I know it’s not fair to ask you to try things that I’m scared to do.  So, here we go! I hope that many of you are inspired to write your own lists–even if you don’t share them online!  There are no rules to this.  Lists can be as short as one item, or as long as you care to make them.

What I Like About Me:

  • I make choices that focus on caring. I chose a career path that allows me to care for others. I choose a schedule that allows me to care for my family.
  • I try to remain positive.
  • I have hazel eyes.
  • I have been a weekly writer for more than a year.
  • I follow through on my goals.
  • I work hard.
  • I’m an enthusiastic beginning knitter & potter.
  • I have strong legs.
  • I can listen to painful things without rushing to fix or cheer up.
  • I can cheer up when the time is right.
  • I love to laugh–maybe especially at dreadful puns.
  • I’m  pretty good at getting other folks to laugh with me.
  • I will stop housework to cuddle or read.
  • I’m curious about new experiences.
  • I like to get lost on purpose–so that I can find my way home.
  • I will do things that scare me.
  • I own my mistakes.
  • I own my successes.
  • I am comfortable with uncertainty.
  • I don’t love being wrong, but I don’t let the fear of being wrong stop me from moving forward.
  • Sometimes, I’m a risk-taker.
  • Sometimes, I’m safety focused.
  • I was brave enough to post this list.

That’ll do for now.  I’d love to see some of your lists–or at least hear that you created one! 🙂


Image Credit: Art Journal page by libookperson

3 thoughts on “What I Like About Me: A Self-Care Exercise

  1. Hi Ann,

    I love your list. You inspired me to write my own. Here it is.

    What I like about me:
    My genuineness
    My compassion and warmth
    My hearty laugh
    My spirituality
    My commitment to growth
    My willingness to take risks
    My emotional strength and self-awareness
    My determination to overcome obstacles
    My willingness to admit my mistakes
    My ability to relax and have fun
    My commitment to my marriage
    I’m expressive and creative
    I’m a good mom
    I’m a talented therapist
    I have a knack for teaching
    I care about people
    I’ve learned to trust my instincts


    1. Dear Andrea,

      That may be one of my favorite responses of all time. Thank you so much for your open-hearted and courageous thoughts!


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