Mid-Week Balance: 14 March 2012

So, I know that I said last week that I’d be out of town this week.  And I am.  But there was so much amazing stuff in my RSS feed that I had to put together a collection for this week too!

Jonathan Fields had a guest writer on his blog this week, Emile Wapnick.  She writes about the process of taking “mini-risks” as a way to energize herself and build up to bigger challenges.  I love this idea, particularly the emphasis that simply taking the risk equals succeeding.

All of us face moments of criticism in our lives.  I appreciate Pamela Slim’s thoughtful take on a process for coping with criticism in a constructive, healthy manner.

This post from Chris Brogan reminds us that we get to choose not only the food for our bodies, but also the food for our brains.  By choosing what we engage with, particularly at the beginning of our day, we choose how we “set our mental plate.”

Rosie Molinary often has things to say in her blog that I appreciate.  She finds interesting guests too, as this post from Tami Hackbarth demonstrates.  I appreciate Tami’s statement that a complete yoga practice is much more than “sunshine and rainbows.

I thought that Anna Guest-Jelley had some very useful things to say about how we think about and respond to resistance, not just in a yoga practice, but in other parts of life as well.

And finally, a practical tool for you as you head back into your day or your week.  Dr. Goldstein offers an incredibly simple two-step mindfulness practice for managing stress.

As always, please feel free to share your favorite resources.


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