Mid-Week Balance: 29 February 2012

Happy Leap Day!  This will be the only time in four years that I get to put that date on a post–and it’s fun to just take a moment and consider that.  I hope that on this “extra day” you are able to make some special time to focus on your self-care.  And I have some posts that should help you do it!

The first post is by a guest blogger on Rosie Molinary’s site.  Rosie and several other amazing blog writers are participating in Body Image Warriors Week as a way of honoring and acknowledging the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week that’s happening right now.  I loved this post because of the author’s focus on the fact that our bodies are not problems.  The post includes a link roundup to other Body Image Warrior posts!

The Just Be Enough project is a lovely complement to the ideas of National Eating Disorders Awareness week.  I particularly like this exercise/challenge to create a list of things that we like about ourselves.  I think that awareness of our strengths is so important for mental health that I will be submitting a post to the challenge.  Even if you don’t make your list public, I hope that you take time to write one.

We’ve been having an incredibly warm winter here in the Mid-west, which has meant that I have gotten lots more chances than normal to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  So this post, summarizing the results of a study published last year which suggests that even five minutes outside can boost our physical and emotional health, made total sense to me.

I am a sucker for a good quote.  When you combine quotes with a focus on gratitude, I’m sold.  So I loved this post from Dr. Melanie Greenberg on her favorite gratitude quotes.

From Dr. Ingrid Mathieu, comes this interesting post about being authentic with ourselves–embracing the challenge of accepting our flaws and failures while celebrating our essential goodness.  One thing I like about this post is that, rather than trying to convince you of this premise with words, Dr. Mathieu provides an interesting experiential exercise to practice.

And finally, last but certainly not least, is a post that does a powerful job of exploring an issue that I face with my patients all the time: learning to trust yourself after making mistakes.  Jennifer Gresham, of Everyday Bright, does a fantastic job of explaining why we need to do this, and offering some practical suggestions for making it happen.

I hope that several of these posts help you “leap toward” the support that you need right now–and inspire you to give that support to yourself.  Do you have a favorite of the week?  Please share.


Image Credit: Photo “Look Before You Leap” by redwood1 via Flickr

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