Mid-Week Balance: 22 February 2012

This week I noticed that the posts that jumped out at me fell into two categories.  The first set of posts explores issues around pregnancy–one about the physical and emotional challenges that can follow birth trauma, and the other about the emotional and physical hardships of infertility.  The second set of posts all share the theme of ways that we can stretch and grow.

About Pregnancy

Kathy Morelli, on her Birthtouch blog, has begun a new series of pregnancy stories–women sharing about how they have been affected by birth trauma.  This inaugural post, from Ann Kirchner, is a powerful and painful look at how often perinatal mood disorders are missed or misdiagnosed.

I have shared other posts by Kristen, from the Birthing Beautiful Ideas blog.  This week, she had a guest writer who just blew me away.  I’ve worked with clients who are walking the painful road of infertility–and this author does an amazing job of capturing and articulating so many of the stories I’ve heard.  And even if you don’t read the entire post, I feel like this paragraph is worth putting here, because so much hurt could be avoided if those who are able to have children without needing IVF, adoption, or the road of multiple pregnancy losses would take this to heart: “So in the meantime, I have a favor to ask of you, especially if you have children:  If you know a couple going through infertility, support them.  Respect their troubles, and understand if depression gets in the way of attending your baby shower.  Whatever option they choose, don’t judge them: the one thing that infertility has taught me is that you never know what you’d do until you get there.”

About Growing

Pam Slim writes a blog about challenging ourselves in our career growth.  This piece that she shared in reaction to an interview with L.L. Cool J is a reflection about how choosing to create is the answer to many of our hurts and challenges.

Julie Fanning, LCSW revisited the Shel Silverstein classic, “The Missing Piece,” to find that sometimes, we are living our ideal life–even if something seems to be missing.

In her blog, Living with Lupus–But Dying of Everything Else, Dr. Snit often lets us go along with her on an intensely personal journey.  This post about taking the risk to ask for what we need–even if it doesn’t always work.

And finally, from Brene Brown, this reminder that sometimes we need to revisit or re-invent our coping tools.


Photo Credit: Ann Becker-Schutte

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Balance: 22 February 2012

  1. I have walked the infertility walk, that was my first venture in to therapy, with a therapist who specialized in infertility, through a lot of counseling, for both myself and my husband, we resolved our infertility. The last two lines in the paragraph of the infertility post say it all. Support the decisions made by the couple, listen, and respect their wishes IF they want to share. I still to this day, do not go to baby showers, I send a gift, it is OK! If you are in my positive support system, you understand, and have walked the walk either with me or by my side. those friends are still my friends 20 years later. The infertility struggle is extremely personal, and the choices made are solely the choices made by the couple, I know we all want to “help” “give advice”… When what the couple needs is to just know you are there, as a friend, supporting whatever decisions THEY make without judgement. Blessings….Kim

    1. Kim,

      I appreciate the phrase “positive support system.” That’s a lovely tool for identifying those who bring something beneficial to our lives instead of those who just drain us. And I think that we need a concerted group of voices reminding those who care to support without advice or judgment unless it is asked for.


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