Mid-Week Balance: 15 February 2012

Last Wednesday was a crazy day–I was in session from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm.  I’m so grateful to be busy–but being that busy meant that I didn’t have much energy left over for a MWB post.  So, this week, you’re getting a bonus edition–even more thought-provoking resources than normal.  It is a total grab-bag, so no theme.  But there is good stuff, even if it’s not connected!

Dr. Snit, of Living with Lupus but Dying of Everything Else, shared some interesting perspective on the idea of “unlearning” those difficult things that we have learned.

In a related vein, Leo Babauta of Zen Habits talks a bit about his family’s practice of “unschooling” in a post about nine skills for learning and life success.  His list is aimed at kids, but everyone could use a bit of these nine qualities.

Anne Marie of the ChemoBrain blog offers some reflections on how we can tune in and be sensitive about language we use when talking about breast cancer and the idea of prevention.

Especially after my post about responding to pregnancy loss last week, I couldn’t pass on this beautiful post from Kristen at Birthing Beautiful Ideas, where she shares some intense personal reflections on how she has coped with the challenges of pregnancy loss and pregnancy afterwards.

Anna Guest-Jelley, on the Curvy Yoga blog, talks about how we hold grief and loss in our bodies.

At the Diabetes Daily blog, David Edleman shares some poignant and practical reflections about being married to someone with Type I diabetes.

I know I’m a day late for Valentines Day, but I couldn’t resist this powerful post from Dr. Marsha Lucas about the idea of “brain apps” for a more fulfilled emotional life.

Jennifer Gresham of Everyday Bright offers some thoughts about applying some critical thinking to your job situation and then making the decision to “love it or leave it.”

These final words are from Geneen Roth, via Dr. Ashley Soloman’s Nourishing the Soul Blog: “choose kindness.”


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