Mid-Week Balance: 1 February 2012

After the last few weeks, when MWB had clear themes, this week’s edition is going back to a grab-bag format.  So, as you browse through, you’ll find a collection of unrelated articles.  As usual, I think that you’ll find a thread running through all of the posts that points toward self-care.

Blogger Minky Moo wrote a beautiful post about the pain of postpartum anxiety, and the importance of respecting each person’s self-knowledge and treatment choices.

Rosie Molinary uses some honest self-reflection to challenge herself (and us) to be aware of how we hold our boundaries when those around us try to draw us into their drama.

Mara of Medicinal Marzipan reminds us that the journey to understand and disempower our shame is worth taking–even when it is a tough one.

Dr. Ashley Soloman, of Nourishing the Soul, reminds us that self-care should ideally be created from an ongoing conversation with ourselves, where we continue to pay attention to the balance of challenge and comfort.

Julie Fanning reminds us that change, growth, even happiness–these things might not look the way we expected, or feel as good as we expected.  And she gently encourages us to keep moving forward anyway.

And finally, a new voice for MWB, Dr. Colleen Arnold channels the experience of a fever and cold to explore the possibility that we can learn from everything life puts in our path–even the germy times.

As always, please feel free to share additional resources in the comments.


Photo Credit: Ann Becker-Schutte



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