Mid-Week Balance: 18 January 2012



There is a lot of wonderful writing going on this week.  Maybe we’re inspired by the new year and all of its possibilities.  Maybe the words of Martin Luther King, Jr have lit a fire.  Whatever the reason, I have so much to share that this is an extra-large edition of MWB.  There is a piece inspired by the words of Dr. King, is a collection of body-positive & self-love posts, and a collection of posts focused on health.

Inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr

Dr. Elisha Goldstein shares powerful words by Dr. King, and several other peace-focused writers and uses them to illuminate the question “what drives out the darkness” when we are tormented by self-hatred.

Self-Love and Body Positive Thinking

I have frequently included posts from both Kendra of the Voice in Recovery blog and Sui of the cynosure blog.  This post blends both of those worlds, as Sui guest-wrote this post suggesting that “maybe you’re just hungry” for Voice in Recovery.

It has been a while since there has been a post by the wonderful Mara of Medicinal Marzipan, but this one was phenomenal.  Mara invites us to think about what it means to us when “how we do food is how we do everything.”

A natural follow-up to the issues of diet mentality raised by Mara is this wonderful piece from Anna Guest-Jelley.  She does a powerful and genuine job of exploring how the “habit” of dieting and diet thinking can creep into our lives, even when we are trying to make other choices.

Health and Self-Care

This article by Dr. Teri Bourdeau is another exploration of the new APA study about stress and health.  In this article, the author looks more closely at how intertwined our physical & emotional health are with our stress levels.  She also outlines a few simple steps to begin trying to decrease our stress levels.

A natural counter to our stress is joy, so this article on Wildmind by Bodhipaksa seems like a good follow-up to the issues of stress and health.  In this post, Bodhipaksa explores “five ways to increase joy.”

One of the words that gets a lot of press right now is “authentic.”  Linda Esposito, LCSW, on her Talk Therapy Biz blog does one of the best explorations of “authenticity” that I have read in a long time.  Not only does she do a good job of explaining the concepts, but she has some good practical suggestions for being more authentic in our relationships with self and others.

That’s It

I know there’s a lot in this edition, but I hope there is something there to support you in your journey this week.  Please feel free to add your own favorite resources.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the APA Stress in America survey, and the recent blog post by Dr. Bourdeau. I don’t think we can repeat it enough: Health IS about the whole body, and each component is so interconnected. It seems daunting to make big changes, but like Dr. Bourdeau wrote, and other psychologists so frequently remind us all, small steps make a big difference.

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