A Birthday

Just a quick note of gratitude–today marks a year since this blog became a weekly part of my life.  I have met some wonderful folks when they stopped by to comment.  One of my clients told me that being able to read the blog whenever they want to is “like having Ann on demand”–the best compliment I can imagine.  So, thanks for showing up to read, for sharing comments, for passing this along.  I’ve had an amazing year writing for you, and I’m looking forward to another year.  Oh, and my 100th post is coming soon–along with a celebration, including prizes.  Thanks again!  ~Ann


Photo Credit: Birthday Cake By Will Clayton via Flickr


4 thoughts on “A Birthday

    1. Thanks Uriah!

      I can’t believe how quickly the posts pile up when you’re doing two a week. It’s been great to meet new people through this process.


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