Mid-Week Balance: 28 December 2011

It’s a bit hard for me to believe that this is the last MWB for the year.  And to celebrate that fact, this is a bonus edition–nearly twice as many wonderful resources as normal.  Several of this weeks post focus on exploring meditation practice, several focus on attitudes toward a new year.  And the rest of the posts connected for me, in one way or another.  Enjoy!


The first post related to meditation was a repost on the Wildmind blog of an interview given by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  For those of you unfamiliar with his work, Dr. Kabat-Zinn has done amazing research on the medical benefits of meditation.  His books on mindfulness practice were my first introduction to meditation that felt “do-able” to me.  I particularly appreciated his take on increasing our awareness of how negative news coverage affects us.  I appreciated that there is both audio and a transcript, so you can choose your preferred way to learn.

For the audio folks reading this, here is a seven minute meditation practice video by R. Smittenaar, shared on the Nourishing by Heart blog.  The visuals are stunning.  What an easy way to give yourself a gift of space and peace this busy week.

Dr. Elisha Goldstein shares a three-step practice for increasing your awareness of what is sacred and spiritual in your daily life experience.  I appreciated this practice, especially at a time of year when many people feel isolated.

Thinking of the New Year

My blog post for Friday may explore this more, but it is interesting to get multiple perspectives on our end of year traditions.  Rosie Molinary invites you to consider five ways that you might change your life without committing to long-term goals or resolutions.

Valerie Mason-John, offered a post on Wildmind about both the reasons that we set goals and make resolutions and an exploration of how we might shift those resolutions by applying some key Buddhist principles.


It has been a while since I touched on the issue of food and eating disorders, but at a time of year when food can feel overwhelming, I thought it was worth sharing some “eating disorders myth-busting” courtesy of Dr. Ashley Solomon’s Nourishing the Soul blog.

I appreciated this thoughtful post from The Committed Parent blog about the intentional and unintentional betrayals that happen in relationships–and six challenges we face in repairing trust.

Finally, as the end of the year approaches, there is this short post from Seth Godin reminding us that questions may be more valuable than answers.  I hope you approach your new year with a heart open to questions.


Photo Credit: Ann Becker-Schutte




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