Mid-Week Balance 21 December 2011

I’ve been having such a good time with the grab-bag posts the past few weeks that I am going to keep that trend going.  I think that, in reality, there are so many good posts out there that I’m having a hard time narrowing it down.  Whatever the reason, I have some lovely things for you to read this week.  I hope that you enjoy.

Last Friday, I wrote a post about the fact that grief doesn’t have an “expiration date.”  Part of the inspiration for that post was to remind us all that grief is an individual experience, and that it’s not helpful to project our expectations onto others or their grief experiences.  Imagine how pleased I was to open up my reader and find this post from Glynis Sherwood offering four key tips on talking to those who are grieving.  This felt like a nice companion to my post–and the tips are solid suggestions!

Brenda, of Brenda’s Blog, is a writer who often touches me.  She speaks so openly of her struggle with cancer and the loss of her husband.  I am including her “Top 10” (and then some) post because I really appreciate the idea of taking time as the year draws to a close and acknowledging the people and beliefs that are most important to us.  Fundamentally, I believe that we’re all connected, and it’s valuable to take time to acknowledge that sometimes.

Rosie Molinary is another favorite of mine.  I love this soulful post where she shares her own journey as a writer and a possessor of a body, and then invites us to participate in our own journeys to our emotional “home.”

Melissa, who writes as Dr. Snit in the Living with Lupus–But Dying of Everything Else blog, is another person who has taken her own painful journey and turned it into a powerful self-exploration.  In this post, she explores the process of finding her essential identity–no matter what is taken away by health or circumstance.

If you read this feature regularly, you have seen other posts by Anna Guest-Jelley of Curvy Yoga.  In this post, she provides a yoga perspective on a coping tool that I often teach my clients–the ability to find one thing to feel good about.

If you have a favorite post from the past week (or more) to share, please feel free to do so in the comments.  I hope that this coming week includes some good self-care and moments of connection with others.

Photo Credit: Snow on tree by caspermoller via Flickr


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