Mid-Week Balance: 23 November 2011

As we kick off the official holiday season (please feel free to review the Self-Care 101 about surviving the holidays), I found several posts that remind me of the attitude I want to carry within myself during this time of year.  I hope that they provide some inspiration and comfort to you as well.

I wanted to start with a recognition that, for many people, the holidays are a painful reminder of loss.  Dr. Chris Ebberwein shares some thoughts about grief and self care on the APA Your Mind Your Body blog.

From Nourishing the Soul is this excerpt from a commencement address delivered by Anna Quindlen.  She has some fascinating things to say about why trying for perfection isn’t a great use of your time.

Therapist Bobbie Emel writes the Bounce Blog.  She had a featured post on KevinMD.com recently, exploring how our difficult days give us the chance to develop our resiliency skills.

Bernice Wood, at her Living the Balanced Life blog, had one of my favorite posts this week.  It was a reminder that we really don’t have to do everything.  That in fact, if we want to succeed, we have to learn not to do everything.

So often, in therapy, I’m working with my clients on trying to understand how painful experiences can help us learn and grow past the pain.  Anna Guest-Jolly, of Curvy Yoga, explores this idea.  She provides some fantastic insights.

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of our lives, to get sucked into our own struggles.  Jackie Fox reminds us that, when we take the time to be kind, that effort always matters.

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