Whole People Deserve Whole Health: An Occupy Healthcare Post

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This week, I’m putting my time and my writing passion into something that’s a bit outside of our normal blog topics.  However, sometimes things are just important enough that they’re worth changing up the routine for.  I hope that this challenges and inspires you to advocate for whole health!



What is an Occupy Healthcare post?  If you’ve listened to any news outlet in the United States (and more than a few world-wide), you cannot have missed hearing at least something about the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.  This is a movement that has many faces and many goals.  And it is a movement of grass-roots frustration with broken systems that don’t seem to be getting any more healthy.  Occupy Healthcare is a reflection of that frustration.  And Occupy Healthcare is speaking to something that is deeply personal to me, both as a psychologist and as a health care consumer.

Let me say that I am not someone who normally thinks of myself as an activist.  Frankly, I’m busy.  I’m a small business owner, a mom, a partner, a member of a large extended family, a homeowner.  My time is spoken for.  So, while I financially support organizations that are working for social justice, I’m not necessarily on the front lines with my time.  But, I know that unless busy people are willing to pause, to speak, to show up, then change will never happen.  And I have dedicated my professional life to supporting health, not just mental heath.  So now it’s time to put my time and my voice where my heart is.  And I invite you to do the same.

Have I gotten you curious?  Great!  Read more here.

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