Mid-Week Balance: 5 October 2011

And it’s back!  Back in a bonanza, extravaganza kind of way.  I know that MWB has been absent the past two weeks.  That’s been due life just rushing a bit ahead of my time management.  When it came down to crunch time, I had to choose between having good content for my Friday posts or getting MWB put together.  I chose to put my energy into making sure that I produce good original content for you.  Since I preach self-care and staying true to your core values, I’m good with that decision.  But, because I still want you to see all the great stuff I would have shown you the last few weeks, I have tons more links than normal.  There’s a lot here, so I hope you’re able to take your time and soak them up.

Marianne Elliott, the Zen Peacekeeper, reminds us that our own practice of mindfulness and self-compassion are the beginnings of non-violence, which can change the world.

Rosie Molinary, who is celebrating the first birthday of her amazing self-care book Beautiful You, shares with us the lesson of day 113: Say No: “Say No today and maybe everyday for awhile, especially if you don’t even recognize your life.” This post is a deeper reflection on that goal.

Saddhamala, of Wildmind, the Buddhist meditation site, shares her thoughts on how parents can better listen to their children.  As I read the post, my reaction was that this is a good set of listening guidelines for all of us!

Dr. Rick Hanson also wrote a post for the Wildmind practice blog that caught my attention.  This post invites us to remember that our tone, both verbal & non-verbal, affects the way our communication is received.  It also challenges us to increase our awareness of tone as we talk to one another.

Dr. Ashley Soloman of Nourishing the Soul takes a moment to remind us that eating disorders affect us across lines of race and culture in her post about eating disorders among black women.

Robin, of the Farewell Stranger blog about PPD, had a powerful guest post from The Empress, of Good Day, Regular People.  If you are unsure about what PPD is, how it looks or how it feels, this is the post to read (and share).

Brene Brown’s Ordinary Courage blog is brimming over with good stuff right now, so I couldn’t pick just one.  You get to pick from this invitation to embrace and fly your freak flag, or this reflection on how showing up to the game makes us winners.  My vote: read them both!

Are you a caregiver?  Do you think that you might be some day?  Either way, you’ll find something beneficial in this post from Glynis Sherwood.  While she’s talking about caring for her dying cat, her “keys to surviving palliative care-giving” are spot on.

Melissa (also known as Dr. Snit), of the Living with Lupus-But Dying of Everything Else blog, shares a beautiful post about the challenging balancing act we do when we try to be compassionate with others while still setting safe boundaries for ourselves. This is a common topic for my clients (so don’t be surprised to see a Friday post inspired by this one sometime soon!).

Last, but not least, is this piece from Christy Matta, of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Understood.   Most of us can relate to the experience of having an intrusive thought–something that we just can’t shake, no matter how we try.  Christy offers some practical suggestions for interacting with intrusive thoughts in new and sometimes paradoxical ways.

Do you have a favorite that I missed in the past few weeks?  Please share!

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