Mid-Week Balance: 19 October 2011

I don’t know if you got the memo, but today is the fourth annual “Love Your Body Day” celebration.  This is a cause I can get behind.  If you’re a regular reader, you know that I’m on the self-care bandwagon in a big way.  And self-care starts with cherishing the bodies we have.  So, all of the posts today have some connection to that idea.  But, in typical MWB style, the connection may be a bit non-linear.  Enjoy!

I’ll start you off with something straightforward.  Mara of Medicinal Marzipan posts her own renewed commitment to love her body, starting with the simplest steps of respect and nourishment.  She also put together a nice set of links to other “love your body posts,” and some other resources too.

The RVXN blog (formerly known as Cynosure), by Sui is another consistent source of body-positive thinking and inspiration.  I really appreciated that her post today is about the nuts and bolts of loving yourself by mindfully taking control and transforming a tough day.  She’s got a great step-by-step process.  I’m willing to bet that if you’re deliberate about doing each step, you too will have a bad day gone good.

Bridget at the Intuitive Bridge writes a post that is kind of a bridge between Mara & Sui.  The focus of this post is what steps will help us love our lives, no matter what is going on in them.  So, even when we’re in the dark spaces, we have control over our own choices, and we can choose to make the choices that are loving and life-giving.  And, I would argue that interacting with our bodies in loving ways is one of the areas that we often have some control.

Now here’s where we start to go off the obvious path.  But hang in there with me.  Chris Brogan wrote a lovely post about how we often stifle our own wise, loud voices.  I appreciated the questions that he poses in the post, and I think that they translate well to thinking about how we could apply that wise, loving voice to our interactions with our bodies.

When you read this, you may want to ask me what a post about dying has to do with loving our bodies.  Here’s my answer.  As I read this post from Melissa at Living with Lupus–But Dying of Everything Else, the takeaway for me was that her experience of grieving with a friend highlighted for her the fact that our time is short and precious.  That’s true for how we interact with our bodies too.  Our time in our bodies is impermanent–they deserve our care and respect while we’re here.

Okay, now this last one may seem like the longest reach.  But I think that the question Seth Godin poses is excellent.  When we’re talking about how we interact in our bodies, why on earth would we settle?

How did you love your body today?  Do you have a story or a favorite post you want to share?  Please do!

Photo Credit: Ann Becker-Schutte

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Balance: 19 October 2011

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post! <3

    I loved my body yesterday by eating well, nourishing myself, and being mindful. And also deliberately thinking loving thoughts towards my body 🙂

    1. Sui,

      Your posts have been featured here before–I love sharing folks who write with passion and compassion! So glad to hear about your body-loving agenda.


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