Mid-Week Balance: 12 October 2011

Okay folks, this edition of Mid-Week Balance is going to be a bit different than normal.  I did a special bonus blog on Monday to participate in the World Mental Health Day blog party.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of answering questions throughout the day for the community at TalkAboutHealth about the many ways that breast cancer can impact mental health and relationships.

As I’m sure you may have noticed, it’s October, when the media, and marketers, and football players all flood us with pink everything and inspiring survival slogans.  But tomorrow (October 13th) is Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  This is a day dedicated to recognizing the specific needs of people whose cancer has metastasized, which are very different from the general population.

So I’m dedicating this post to the breast cancer community, particularly those facing mets.

If this is new terminology for you, here’s a great introductory post from Sarah of “Being Sarah.”

If you want to get past the introductory stage, spend some time with the amazing Rachel.  She writes so well & her powerful, raw posts are an invitation to walk along with her through this painful & lonely journey.  Here’s one of my favorites (which has been featured in MWB before, but deserves another look).

And finally, if you want to hear what I had to say over at TalkAboutHealth, here’s a link to my answers.

Tomorrow, I hope you take some time to learn about MBC, to reach out, and to see beyond the pink.

Photo Credit: Ann Becker-Schutte

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