Mid-Week Balance: 7 September 2011

This edition of mid-week balance is dedicated to many of the folks that I have met through Twitter chats, especially those in the post-partum depression (#ppdchat)  and breast cancer (#bcsm) communities.  I have just read some incredibly powerful posts, both about the hard, painful moments and about the joy and commitment that shine through when families face these challenges together.  I was touched by these voices.  I hope that you are too!  And, if your life hasn’t been touched by breast cancer or PPD, please give these a read anyway.  I think that the strength and power of the posts is pretty universal.

The Breast Cancer Sisterhood is a fantastic resource site for women who are facing breast cancer.  I have recently begun following Brenda’s blog, and this week, she shared a letter from fiction author, Scott Pratt, whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.

In the same vein, Sarah of the Being Sarah blog, shared the stage this week with her partner Ronnie.  Ronnie’s frank, open exploration of his own experience as a “carer,” and the challenges of over-functioning when your loved one is ill, provide an important look at why caregivers need strong support as well as patients.

While both Scott & Ronnie provide an important look at the care-giving experience, there is another perspective.  In this raw, powerful post, Rachel of The Cancer Culture Chronicles, lets us walk with her through some of the most painful and frightening aspects of metastatic cancer.  From the outpouring in the comments, I think that she said something that many patients want & need to say.  Sometimes, we need to honor people’s pain, and not diminish it by trying to cheer them up.

At Farewell Stranger, Robin writes about her own journey through post-partum depression.  In this post, she celebrates the victory of feeling as though she has survived and made it to the other side of her PPD.  At the same time, she acknowledges that recovery from depression can include ongoing challenge, a sense that the recovery may be fragile.

Now, when you click the link for this next post, you’ll be going back to Farewell Stranger.  Don’t be alarmed.  You’re in the right place.  This is a guest post by Yael Saar, who writes at PPD to Joy.  And while the post is about post-partum depression, I think that it is pretty universal.  If you’ve never experienced PPD, please feel free to substitute your own pain when you’re reading this.

I hope y0u found something that fit your need this week.  If you’ve got another great resource, please feel free to share!

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