Mid-Week Balance: 14 September 2011

Every week, I’m humbled by all the wonderful writing and powerful ideas that I find out there in the internet world.  This week is no exception.  It’s a little bit more of a grab-bag than last week, so this is for the broad audience.

Because I can’t get enough reminders about the power and versatility of mindfulness practice, here’s a great list from Saddhamala of Wildmind about ways to incorporate mindfulness at work.

I like the way that Julie Fanning of Seeking Solutions invites us to think a little bit about the cost of expecting that life will always be smooth.

Also at Wildmind this week, Dr. Rick Hanson touches on the risk of letting our expectations overshadow the actual people that we’re interacting with.

Ragan Chastain, the amazing personality behind Dances with Fat, shares this powerful and touching reflection about one of her heroes, Harvey Milk, and his quest to give people hope.

Several weeks ago, I shared one of Chris Brogan‘s posts where he invited us to think reclaiming control of our emotional strings.  This post about increasing our awareness of the tangles that affect our interactions with others is a wonderful follow-up.

Any favorites you want to share this week?

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