Mid-Week (ish) Balance–12 August 2011

Yes, I know that Friday is more the end of the week than the middle.  But this week, life happened, things got busy and complicated, and I never quite got this post out on Wednesday.  Yesterday, I made my own choice about balance and spent one of the last weekdays of summer playing at the water park.  So, here’s the not-quite-mid-week roundup.  To make up for the lateness, I added a few extra articles.  There’s stuff from all over the spectrum: from self-love, to productivity, to changes in perspective.

Dr. Snit at Living With Lupus–But Dying of Everything Else offers this reflection on being “all of me,” that struck a chord.  Her thoughts on the risks of being ourselves falls right in line with my own article about why therapy challenges us stop playing it safe.

Leo of the Zen Habits blog offers a post about what he learned about productivity from a Zen master.  He reminds us that when we put things off, we allow them to take up extra energy and space in our lives.

At Dances with Fat, Ragan offers up another one of her typically powerful posts about how we interact with our bodies.  She talks about the joy that she takes in her “imperfect” new dog, and asks why we’re so obsessed with perfection.

Dr. D writes one of the regular columns at KevinMD.com, a source of social media & health information.  Normally, he writes from a physician perspective.  But recently, he suffered a serious injury.  This post explores his perspective on being a patient, and provides a great reminder that we can always approach one another with more empathy.

Seth Godin reminded me why he has so many fans and has sold so many books.  This post on “the heckler,” does a great job of inviting us to take a look at our inner critic–and maybe to remove some of their power.

Mara of Medicinal Marzipan has been on a hot streak the last few weeks.  It seems like nearly everything she’s writing ends up on my starred list.  This recent post invites us to look seriously at the cost of hating our bodies.

I don’t think that I have featured the Vivid Ways blog here before, but I appreciated this post about steps we can take right now to avoid regret.  It goes pretty well with the Zen Habits post of doing things now.

I know that’s an eclectic grouping this week–but that’s the perk of writing my own blog.  I get to share whatever I feel touched by!  Please feel free to share your favorite resource of the week in the comments.

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    1. Mara–You really do write such lovely stuff. It’s a joy to share it. And thanks for the feedback on the site. It’s still in its infancy, and I’m constantly learning and tweaking. 🙂 But I’m thrilled to have the versatility. And it makes me feel a bit technologically competent to have the WordPress theme! 😉

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